Mobile Workforce Management Adaption

Workforce management has gotten more advanced these days as workforce management software vendors incorporate new technologies like social, mobile, analytics, cloud, IoT/M2M and wearables.

But care should be taken to avoid the hype.

Ignore distraction but focus on workforce management software that helps achieve the basics that improve customer satisfaction like first-time fix rate, labor time per job, travel time per job, higher levels of efficiency and productivity and reduced costs. Addressing the goals now, and ensuring the workforce management software supports them, provides field service organizations the ability to future proof operations.

Improving your first-time fix rate will significantly reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction. Does your current workforce management software actually work to improve your first-time fix rate? First-time fix rate can be improved by:

Providing your field techs with the right tools and resources to complete the job the first time on site

Scheduling an employee with the right skill level through automated scheduling optimization algorithms that pick the right tech based on specified parameters

Utilizing sensor data to proactively maintain equipment versus repairing after failure.

The most innovative workforce management software solutions offer M2M connectivity and failure modelling which enables field service organizations to transform themselves into proactive, customer center operations which improve first-time fix rates, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction

Workforce management software should address the above scheduling elements right out of the box, with configuration, not development.